Perimeter81 怎么样 2021- 为何获得8.2 颗星?

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服务器覆盖的国家数 36
服务器数量 700
IP地址数量 700
每份许可所支持的设备数 5


退款保证 (天数) : 30
手机应用程序 :
每份许可所支持的设备数 : 5

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Great service for remote team and WFH - 10
Jeff -
二月 10, 2021

Perimeter 81 has been very useful for our company during the pandemic. We needed simple and secure remote access for our employees who are WFH across the US. The setup and was fully included; I only manage a few settings on my own. This was much easier than building and trying to manage a VPN myself. I recommend this to other companies who want to become 100% remote- it is an essential tool for any remote company.

Their support sucks - 2
Mark -
一月 10, 2021

Although they are quick to respond and will happily jump on a call to help you, the support more or less ends there. Whenever you encounter an issue they first want you to uninstall and reinstall their client. They will rather blame your network/system than investigate their issues.

Peter Johnson
Great and easy to use! - 10
Peter Johnson -
十二月 7, 2020

Very smooth implementation and onboarding. Been a client for almost a year and it really helps my team during these days of remote working to access all our resources. A big plus to the support team that is very accessible.


评分: 9.9 / 10

评分: 9.9 / 10

评分: 8.9 / 10

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