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.他们的支援系统全天、每周七天、一年三百六十五天都通过网上表格提供支援服务。你也可以找到专为机顶盒、家用路由器、iOS、安卓、Amazon Kindle、游戏单机、精明电视、Ubuntu、ChromeOS、Mac OS X和Windows设备而设的设定指南。


功能 详情
服务器覆盖的国家数 26
服务器数量 650
VPN是否保存日志 一部份
每份许可所支持的设备数 12


  • 专为全部他们所支援的操作系统及设备而设的全面设定指南
  • 在廿一个国家设有超过四百台伺服器
  • 随时提供支援,全年无休
  • 能连接多达两个设备
  • 即刻开始使用 StrongVPN
退款保证 (天数) : 5
手机应用程序 :
每份许可所支持的设备数 : 12

StrongVPN 用户评论

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Service and support both suck! - 2
Malcumus -
11, 2020

Spent hours trying to connect to BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub but without success. I was with UnBlockUs which worked without a problem. StrongVPN bought UnBlockUs and the service has deteriorated ever since. A great example of how to ruin a good brand. Strong’s online chat support is horrid. You will wait 20 minutes for a response even though it says you are first in the queue.

Questionable Credit Card Policies - 2
Malcolm McLeod -
1, 2020

I had an Unblock US account and had to merge to Strong VPN. They invoiced me for $49.90 CAD and I tried to pay. My card would not go through so I created a ticket asking why. Apparently the issue was that 'they don't take payment in Canadian' - which is odd if you send the invoice in CAD. So anyway, instead of answering and explaining the situation to me, they just went ahead and charged my card $49.90 USD, about 33% more. At worst this is straight up fraud. You can't take a payment from a card for an amount the user hasn't authorized. At best this is incredibly lax procedure.

Best VPN i have ever used - 10

I live in a country were many of the online and VOIP services are heavily blocked with strong firewall. I have been using Strongvpn service for more than 17 years and one thing i can say is: Amazing service, great speed, they deliver what they've promised with, excellent customer service and above all great value for price. I've tried many famous VPN providers as out of comparison and i can confirm that none managed to overcome the firewall and connect. One think i would like to add to the above review is: they have a new protocol to connect to the VPN called Wireguard. My current internet speed is 550 Mbps and with my VPN connect the speed i am getting is 460 Mbps. Conclusion, if you want a reliable VPN service with excellent customer service, strongvpn is what you are looking for.


评分: 9.9 / 10

评分: 9.9 / 10

评分: 8.9 / 10

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