VPNhub 評價与测试 (2020) – 为什么不是每个人都适合

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服务器覆盖的国家数 12
服务器数量 31
IP地址数量 31
每份许可所支持的设备数 3
退款保证 (天数) : 0
手机应用程序 :
每份许可所支持的设备数 : 3
VPN计划: www.vpnhub.com
VPNhub 用户评论
Ned S
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They suck

VPNHub is a scam IMO. The advertise a 7-day free trial, but immediately charge your credit card for the full year. The client has compatibility issues with Windows 10 October update and they don't provide manual settings. Support is outsourced and horrible. Lastly, cancellation within the free trial does not result in a refund of the full annual fee charged at the start. There are many other VPN services that provide a better client, support and service.

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    Cockrobert Pigg
    3月 14, 2020
    They Rock!

    VPNHub is NO scam IMHO. The advertised 7-day free trial is great so you can test it out on all your devices to see if they are compatible (Windows 10 - the new W8/8.1? OMG?!) Unlike others, there is a helpful support team offering 1-1 help. There are many other VPN services out there, none of which provides a better client, support and service than VPNhub!

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      Someone please tell me how to cancel?

      Does anyone know how to cancel so I don't get charged for this garbage I did not know what I was downloading doesn't show me clear options to cancel and take off my credit card info can anyone help?

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